Let’s Bo – Disposable BO Caps 2pcs/Pack

35.00 AED

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  • British Berry 16mg
  • Complex Tobacco 20mg
  • Mango 20mg
  • Strawberry Cream 20mg
  • Twisty Mint 20mg
  • Vanilla Ice Cream 20mg
  • Watermelon Ice 20mg

35.00 AED

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About BO Caps

Each cap holds 1.5ml of e-liquid, which is a much higher capacity compared to other devices. The brand focuses on using premium ingredients to deliver authentic and satisfying flavors. When our flavor experts meet passionates, the synergy developed by these professionals can only lead to exquisites tastes. They do not contain any diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl. BO only uses premium materials in order to obtain an outstanding result for the pleasure of our customers.


  • Each pack comes with 2 BO Caps (pods)
  • Compatible with the BO One and BO Plus
  • Each cap is filled with 1.5ml e-liquid
  • 20 and 16mg/ml of nicotine available


  • Complex Tobacco – With its powerful characteristics drawing on American golden tobacco, blended in perfect balance with delicate sweet aromas, this is the ideal e-liquid with which to transition from smoking.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream – Pure decadence. The finest twist on tobacco: caramel ice blended with rich macadamia, for thick, satisfying clouds of pleasure.
  • Mango – A riot of refreshing fruit flavours that marries intoxicatingly sweet mango with tangy blackcurrant. Made in Malaysia, this is definitely one for those who love summer fruits.


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